Bates Masi + Architects

January 2012 - December 2012 | Junior Architect

I worked as a Junior Architect for Bates Masi Architects in Sag Harbor, NY. Bates Masi is committed to enhancing the lives of its clients through the careful application of modern design. The firm’s work has received numerous awards and has been featured in prestigious national and international publications.


My role at Bates Masi was to manage the design and construction of multiple projects under supervision of senior architects. I was exposed to every aspect of the design process from initial client meetings, to onsite construction administration. My time at Bates Masi educated me in the practical aspects of the profession that I could never have learned in the classroom.


Twenty Seven

January 2012 - December 2012 | Junior Architect

The drawings and images on this page are from a yet-unrealized residence located in East Hampton, NY. The main feature of this home is the fact that it is partially submerged. This not only insulates the home from temperature extremes, it also acts as a noise buffer between the home and the main street behind. Additionally, the home references the vernacular design of potato barns that were once common on the east end of Long Island.