Cliff Swallow Apartment

Spring 2015 | Houzz/AIA Future of Architecture Social Impact Category Winner  

The Cliff Swallow Apartment addresses the need for new affordable housing in New York City by activating underutilized space in established high-density neighborhoods. It is a temporary micro-unit that can be attached to the sides of existing buildings without the need for new construction. By infusing affordable housing into established and highly desirable areas, the Cliff Swallow Apartment creates a more diverse and vibrant community. Additionally, creating even higher density in already dense areas reduces the stress on mass transit systems and prevents the wasteful effects of suburban sprawl.


Desert Chapel

Winter 2015 | AIA Emerging Professionals Exhibition

Architecture is a link between the earth and sky– body and soul. The Chapel is located in a coastal desert along the edge of a mesa. The only visible entry is a narrow slot canyon carved from solid rock. Over the pulpit is a soaring wing that represents the transcendent nature of the human spirit. The juxtaposition of the submerged Chapel and soaring wing is analogous to the heaviness of the body in contrast to the lightness of the soul.




The work below is a representative sample of design projects completed on a volunteer basis. For more information about these organizations please refer to their respective websites.

AFTEE Visual Identity

Fall 2012 | Hamptons, NY

AFTEE is a charitable organization that unites and supports the non-profit organizations of Riverhead, Southampton, Southold, Shelter Island & East Hampton, raising awareness of their role in making the East End of Long Island a better place to live. AFTEE generates new and creative sources of funding and organizational support for these not-for-profit establishments. 


My relationship with AFTEE began while working at Bates Masi Architects. AFTEE approached the firm to design a logo for their new organization. Under the supervision of senior management, I was able to develop the winning logo design. Since then, I have continued the relationship with AFTEE to support their design needs, including the ticket design for their annual summer concert.