Retail Design Strategy

January - March 2013 | Prophet Designer


Prophet partnered with Cheil Worldwide to design Samsung’s next generation retail environments. Prophet was able to activate Samsung’s brand strategy by carefully curating the customer's experience of the retail space. The plan, materials, and graphic system all worked together to promote a feeling of discovery and engagement with the Brand. Prophet also developed a kit of “signature elements” that were flexible enough to adapt to retail spaces across a wide rage of formats. 


As a member of the Prophet team, I played a critical role in developing the designs for both the retail environment and the fixture package. My involvement in the project extended from the initial strategy phases, to the finalized guidelines. I modeled many of the signature elements, including the “discovery table,” and helped to finalize the prototype store layout. Samsung is currently using elements of the store design, like the white fascia and the curved floor plan, in their new locations. The photographs on this page are from new stores in London and Melbourne.