WTC Digital Media Design 

October - December 2013 | Prophet Designer


Prophet, along with a large team of digital specialists, collaborated on a proposal to Westfield for a digital media solution in the World Trade Center. The interdisciplinary team included members from Daktronics, Samsung, Apologue, and Audio Video and Controls Inc. Our team’s submittal focused on “creating a media-infused space” that enhanced the visitor’s experience by entertaining, informing and even surprising them as they interacted with the displays.


Prophet’s role was to propose the designs for the displays themselves, creating the framework for the application of digital media. My role was to design and model the proposed displays for “nodes” 1-6. Our team’s goal was to create a display system that complemented the signature design of the transit hub. We landed on a series of screens with undulating densities that allowed the material behind to show through. This same design motif was translated to all of the proposed display locations. 


Prophet and Apologue collaborated on the video below to illustrate how digital media could be applied to the proposed displays. The type of media would change based on time of day or client needs.